1 Dec 2018
GLORY | 2018 Women's Christmas Coffee
14 Oct 2018
Sodom: Discovery of a Lost City
This Sunday, Dr. Steven Collins, the director of Veritas School of Archaeology, will be sharing about the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project in Jordan and his quest to find the lost...
30 Sep 2018
Christ's Love Flows Uphill
We learn to trust, rely on, and go to God, when we know that He loves us. Our guest speaker, Pastor Wayne Taylor from Calvary Fellowship in Seattle, Washington, continues...
19 Aug 2018
Creation Fest Recap
Enjoy this special Sunday morning service at CCCM as Pastor Brian Brodersen invites special guests from the Creation Fest team to share miraculous stories that happened during the UK festival.

12 Aug 2018
How to Stand Firm in the Lord
Pastor John Henry teaches on Philippians 4:1-9 as he unpacks the theme of “How to Stand Firm in the Lord.” How do we do that as believers? Through the Lord’s...
5 Aug 2018
In his message titled, “Expectation” from Psalm 11, Pastor Char Brodersen reminds us of how we as believers need to hold onto the truth of God’s character, revealed through His...
27 Jun 2018
When the Gospel Comes in Power
Just putting the word “gospel” in front of something does not help us understand what the gospel is, such as “gospel ministry,” “gospel parenting,” “gospel arts,” etc. On this special...
22 Apr 2018
Direction for Today
Do you want to hear from the Lord? Then you will need to listen to Him with the intent to obey. Pastor Bill Buffington of Calvary Chapel Inglewood in his...
4 Apr 2018
How to Stand Strong in the Lord
1 Apr 2018
Alive Forevermore
The resurrection of Jesus secures for us forgiveness for the past, power for the present, and hope for the future. In his message titled, "Alive Forevermore" taken from Revelation 1:12-18,...
31 Mar 2018
Easter Sunrise 2018
How do we know the resurrection really happened? The historical record, eyewitness testimony and the multiple millions of transformed lives. Pastor Brian Brodersen in his Easter Sunrise message encourages us...
30 Mar 2018
Easter Good Friday 2018
It is finished! Our salvation is eternally secure. In his Good Friday Communion message, Pastor Brian Brodersen continues with the exhortation that all we need to do to be recipients of...
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