About Us

Mission + Vision + Values 


MISSION | What God Is Doing
Engaging in God’s mission to renew all things through Jesus. 


VISION | What We Are Doing
Pursuing Jesus renewal by reaching, equipping, and loving people in Orange County and beyond. 


CORE VALUES | How We Are Doing It
The principles that shape our attitudes and actions as Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. 

  1. A Jesus Church
    We are committed to following the Word, works, and ways of Jesus. 1 Cor. 11:1

  2. A Kingdom-Minded Church

    We partner with gospel-centered churches to impact our communities for Jesus’ kingdom. Eph. 4:4-6

  3. A Great Commission Church

    We are committed to proclaiming the gospel, making disciples, and planting churches among all people. Matt. 28:18-20

  4. A Gospel-Centered Church

    We point people to Jesus from every passage of Scripture and to His death and resurrection as their hope of transformation. Rom. 16:25

  5. A Spirit-Empowered Church

    We pursue the Holy Spirit’s presence, power, and gifts to be and do all God desires. Acts 1:8

  6. A Grace-Filled Church

    We practice encouragement and patience toward each other in the lifelong process of transformation. Eph. 4:2

  7. A Culturally-Engaged Church

    We seek to wisely counter, create, or celebrate culture as we engage in God’s mission. 1 Cor. 9:22b-23 


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What We Believe

Calvary Chapel is centered around God’s revelation to us, the Bible. Through the teaching of His Word we learn about His character, plan, and love for us. As we grow in our understanding of Him, we experience His Spirit leading us to step out in ministry to one another and the world.

Church Staff

Brian Brodersen

Senior Pastor

Pastor Brian Brodersen grew up in Southern California. He became a Christian at age 22 and began attending Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, pastored by Chuck Smith. He met his wife, Cheryl, the youngest daughter of Pastor Chuck and Kay Smith, at a Bible study in Huntington Harbor. They were married on May 23, 1980, and have four grown children, four grandsons, and one granddaughter.


Brian served in youth ministry and taught Bible studies. Then he and Cheryl moved to Vista, California, in 1983, where he assumed the pastorate of Calvary Chapel Vista. During those years, he began traveling overseas, initially to Yugoslavia and Hungary, and this...


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