Jesus Encounters

"Jesus Encounters" is a series looking at how Jesus ministered to and impacted the lives of many He personally encountered during His ministry here on earth.


30 Aug 2017
Jesus Encounters You
Jesus seeks to encounter us wherever we are - in spite of who we are. So let us lay aside whatever keeps us from Jesus! Here is a passionate message...
27 Aug 2017
Transforming Encounter
If Jesus needed to commune in prayer with the Father, how much more do we need to pray? Pastor Mike Harris, in his message titled, "Transforming Encounter," taken from Luke...
23 Aug 2017
An Encounter of Hope & A Hopeless Encounter
I heard, "Welcome to the family of God," and I began to cry! Cry along with Pastor David Trujillo as he shares his Jesus Encounter of hope in his testimony...
20 Aug 2017
Jesus Re-Ignites Hopeless Hearts
Is your heart lifeless and cold? God's fire starter for a burning heart is meeting Jesus in the Bible. Pastor John Hwang shares on the Jesus Encounter on the road to...
17 Aug 2017
Jesus and the Leper
From the mountain of glory to the valley of need, Jesus touched a leper and said, "I am willing; be clean!" Pastor David Zamora, in his Jesus Encounters message titled, "Jesus and...
13 Aug 2017
Jesus and The Pharisee
True conversion is a reorientation. It is a turning from the old wrong to the new right. It is a whole new way to be human! In his Jesus Encounters...
9 Aug 2017
Jesus Encounters- Tommy Cota
"I was blind but now I see!" declares Tommy Cota in his own Jesus Encounters message titled, "Jesus Moments." This outstanding testimony of God's divine interruptions and miraculous answer to prayer will...
6 Aug 2017
The Difference Jesus Makes
From defeat to victory, from helpless to healed, from a traitor to a trophy of grace; this is what an encounter with Jesus does in a life! Pastor John Henry...
30 Jul 2017
Jesus & Those Who Falter
The way of Jesus is to restore and recommission those who fail or falter. Pastor Brian Brodersen continues encouraging us in his final Jesus Encounter in John 21:1-19 with a message titled,...
23 Jul 2017
Jesus and the Doubter
What is the answer to doubt? Seek truth, weigh the evidence, believe the facts, trust God's Word and His promises. In this Jesus Encounters message titled, "Jesus and the Doubter" from John...
16 Jul 2017
Jesus and the Cynic
Jesus is the embodiment of the truth about God, mankind, life, love, time and eternity. Pastor Brian Brodersen amplifies this truth in this Jesus Encounter message on John 18:28-38 titled, "Jesus and...
9 Jul 2017
Jesus and the Seekers
Jesus will not just be our teacher, counselor or guide without first being our Lord! In his next Jesus Encounter, Pastor Brian Brodersen taught on "Jesus and the Seekers" from John...
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