13 Jan 2019
The Necessity of Proclaiming the Gospel
How can people hear without someone preaching to them? In his message titled, “The Necessity of Proclaiming the Gospel,” Pastor Brian Brodersen shares four questions on the proclamation of the...
9 Jan 2019
Devoted, Determinded, and Unashamed
During Missions Week at CCCM, Pastor John Hwang shares a special message from Romans 1. We are reminded of three aspects of Paul’s example to the church at Rome as...
6 Jan 2019
The Commissions of Jesus
Dr. Ed Stetzer speaks four commissions that Jesus gives on the 2019 Missions Sunday: 1) We are sent. 2) We are sent to all different kinds of people. 3) We...
30 Dec 2018
Vision Sunday
We believe the best is yet to come for we serve the Living God, and He is on the move. As we faithfully move forward, placing one foot in front...
19 Dec 2018
Behold His Glory - Brian Brodersen
The center of Christianity is the incarnation of Jesus - God becoming flesh and dwelling among humanity. After sharing this quote by C. S. Lewis, Pastor Brian Brodersen continues in...
12 Dec 2018
Behold His Glory - John Hwang
God became human, and His name is Jesus. In this message titled "The Glory of the Incarnate Christ" from John 1:14-18, Pastor John Hwang shares the meaning of the Incarnation and see...
5 Dec 2018
Behold His Glory - Jarrett Petero
Isn’t Christmas more than flashing lights and gingerbread lattes? Back to the original Christmas, the birth of Christ! No hype — just a simple setting. Pastor Jarrett Petero shares from...
1 Dec 2018
GLORY | 2018 Women's Christmas Coffee
14 Oct 2018
Sodom: Discovery of a Lost City
This Sunday, Dr. Steven Collins, the director of Veritas School of Archaeology, will be sharing about the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project in Jordan and his quest to find the lost...
30 Sep 2018
Christ's Love Flows Uphill
We learn to trust, rely on, and go to God, when we know that He loves us. Our guest speaker, Pastor Wayne Taylor from Calvary Fellowship in Seattle, Washington, continues...
19 Aug 2018
Creation Fest Recap
Enjoy this special Sunday morning service at CCCM as Pastor Brian Brodersen invites special guests from the Creation Fest team to share miraculous stories that happened during the UK festival.

12 Aug 2018
How to Stand Firm in the Lord
Pastor John Henry teaches on Philippians 4:1-9 as he unpacks the theme of “How to Stand Firm in the Lord.” How do we do that as believers? Through the Lord’s...
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