20 Oct 2019
King Jesus
A clear vision of Jesus is to see Him as Divine, Supreme, and Holy. He alone is our Savior. He alone is the King of kings and the Lord of...
11 Aug 2019
The Wisdom, The Wealth, and Warfare of the Christian
Guilt can kill us! In his Creation Fest message from Ephesians 1 entitled, “The Wealth, Walk, and Warfare of the Christian,”  Pastor Brian Brodersen continues by encouraging us that in Christ Jesus, the grossest and most vile...
4 Aug 2019
A Moment Of Crisis and a Coming Home
In that moment of crisis God has made us for a fight - not against people but against the forces of darkness that seek to lull us to sleep. Char Brodersen, in his...
9 Jun 2019
Confidence in Christ
How can we have true confidence? To know Christ personally, to know His Promises, and to know Him in His presence. In his message titled, "Confidence in Christ" taken from...
26 May 2019
Obedience and Faith
God calls us to do what is humanly impossible, knowing that all things are possible with Him. Calvary Chapel Ambassador for Christ, church planter, Conference Center/Bible College director Rod Thompson...
19 May 2019
Israel Recap
Brian and Cheryl Brodersen took us on a 2019 picture tour of Israel starting at Joppa on the Mediterranean Sea, up to the Galilee region, across to those getting baptized...
12 May 2019
A Mother's Heart
As we look at Mary's heart for her Son, we see the heart of God for us. Craig Coffin, in his Mother's Day message titled, "Seeing God Through A Mother’s Heart"...
5 May 2019
Oh Come Let Us Adore Him
As we apply the Word of God to our hearts and lives we will benefit from a special anointing of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Julian Duguid in his message titled, "Come Let...
10 Apr 2019
1 Chronicles
27 Mar 2019
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
There are two types of gifts: The gifts listed in Romans 12:6-8 are permanent gifts and the gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 4-11 are in operation as needed. Both are...
20 Mar 2019
The Storms of Life
Why does God use different storms for different reasons? In his message titled, "The Storms of Life" taken from Matthew 14:22-33, Pastor Nick Long (author of the autobiography, Gullible's Travels)...
17 Mar 2019
Big Truth in Little Places
We all crave stability and peace. But what do we do when the circumstances of our lives are utterly spinning out of control? Pastor Richard Cimino in his message titled, "Big Truth...
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