Featured Services

Sunday Service
8:30am, 11:00am, 7:30pm | live.cccm.com, CCCM Facebook, KWVE 107.9 FM

Sunday services meet at 8:30 and 11 AM in the Main Sanctuary with a focus on the preaching of the Word, giving space for worship, and response to The Gospel. Pastor Brian current series, The Fellowship of The Gospel, features studies in Philippians. 

The Meeting Place
6:30pm | Fellowship Hall

(POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) Join us on Sundays for The Meeting Place at 6:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall. This new gathering is designed to be a place for prayer, prophecy, presence, and healing with the first week of each month set aside for Communion.

Joyful Life Evening
7:00pm | CCCM Women's Facebook Page

Ladies, join our Tuesday evening Joyful Life Bible Study for a time of worship, listening to various speakers and small group discussions. This is a time to study the Bible, gain biblical perspective and grow in our knowledge and love for Jesus Christ. Attend when...

Men's Tuesday Evening Study
7:00pm | Live.cccm.com

Join us for our Men's study! We meet weekly on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM via live.cccm.com to study the book of Genesis together with Pastor Craig Coffin. This is an opportunity for us men, to gather together, explore the Word of God, forge new friendships,...

Wednesday Evening
7:00pm | live.cccm.com & CCCM Facebook

Join us on Wednesday nights at 7 PM, as Pastor Brian teaches through the Bible verse-by-verse and we worship together as a church. We are currently in the book of Isaiah. 

The Word Among Us
10:00am | live.cccm.com

A study taught by Pastor John Henry Corcoran. John teaches every Thursday morning at 10 AM with a special time of communion the first Thursday of each month. 

Joyful Life
9:00am | live.cccm.com

Ladies, join us Friday Mornings at 9 AM for a time of joy and spirit filled teaching with Cheryl Brodersen, worship and small group discussions. We hope that you can grow in the love, grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ as you fellowship...


Weekly Events



Sunday Morning, Tuesday Evening (Men's Bible Study), Wednesday Evening, Thursday Morning (The Word Among Us), & Friday Morning (Joyful Life) will be live streamed. 

7:30 AM

Sunday AM Prayer - Fellowship Hall

8:30 AM

Sunday Morning - Main Sanctuary 

HS Ministry - Charis Sanctuary

Jr High Fellowship - J 213

9:00 AM

Spanish Service - Logos Sanctuary

10:00 AM

Morning Bible Study - Fellowship Hall

12:00 PM

Intercessory Prayer - Prayer Room

6:30 PM

Vintage Life Senior's Fellowship - Fellowship Hall

Red Wagon Homeless Outreach

7:00 PM

Isaiah Bible Study - HS 112

Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, & American Heritage Girls - JR High Building

Husband's Discipleship - Pastors' Offices

7:00 AM

Isaiah Bible Study - Family Room

9:00 AM

Cancer Support Group (1st & 3rd) - Prayer Room

7:00 AM

Men's Prayer Breakfast - Fellowship Hall

10:00 AM

50+ Women's Prayer - Bride's Room

12:00 PM

Noon Bible Study - Family Room

6:00 PM

Moms & Grandmas in Prayer - Family Room 

8:00 AM

Moms & Grandmas in Prayer - Family Room

9:00 AM

Women's Joyful Life Small Groups  - Various

10:00 AM

Women's Joyful Life Bible Study - Main Sanctuary 

5:00 PM

Widows Helping Widows - Various (3rd Friday) 

7:00 PM

One Step Addiction Support Groups - Logos Sanctuary

Couples Fellowship- Fellowship Hall (1st Friday)

7:30 PM

Movie Night - Sanctuary (Check Calendar)

Hour of Prayer - HS 105

Chinese Fellowship - Pastors Offices

Filipino Fellowship - HS 107

Singles Fellowship - Family Room 

6:30 AM

Praying Thru the Bible/For The Nation - Family Room

7:00 AM

Korean Prayer - J 106

8:00 AM

Men's Bible Study - J 106

9:00 AM

Active Monthly Hike - Various Locations (Check Ministry Page)

Arts Community - Charis Building (2nd Saturday)

2:00 PM

Women's Prayer - Mother's Privacy Room (4th Saturday) 

7:00 PM

Men's Prayer - Family Room


7:30 PM

Creation Science Fellowship - Logos Sanctuary (1st and 3rd Saturday)

Upcoming Events