Christ the Hope of Glory


27 Sep 2020
Together for the Gospel
Paul's final words to the church in Colossae were, "Remember my chains," a sobering reminder that gospel work can be perilous at times. In his message titled, "Together for the...
20 Sep 2020
Transferring the Gospel from Church to Culture
We are living in strategic times in which the church has the opportunity to shine and show forth the beauty of Jesus. In his message titled, "Transferring the Gospel from...
13 Sep 2020
The Bible, Christianity and Slavery
It wasn't the atheists or the agnostics who abolished the slave trade. It was Christians. In his message titled, "The Bible, Christianity, and Slavery" taken from Colossians 3:22, 4:1, Pastor...
6 Sep 2020
Living the Faith At Home and At Work
Is the Gospel true? Today, people are asking who might never pick up a Bible or read a book on apologetics. In his message titled, "Living the Faith At Home...
30 Aug 2020
Life in the Community of God
The Church is to be a place where we can get a taste of the life of the kingdom of God here on earth. She is a community of peace,...
16 Aug 2020
The Old and New Self
This is a truth from N.T. Wright that is worth memorizing: "Learning to believe what doesn't at the moment feel true is an essential part of being a Christian." Pastor...
9 Aug 2020
Risen With Christ
Only Christ can bring us into that beautiful holiness that is so attractive to the world around us. In his message titled, "Risen With Christ" taken from Colossians 3:1-4, Pastor...
26 Jul 2020
The Sufficiency of Christ
Christ's victory over sin, death, and spiritual powers comes through the Cross. His death and resurrection forever secures all who put their trust in Him. Nothing can be added; we...
19 Jul 2020
Complete In Christ
In Christ, we've reached the pinnacle of reality. In his message titled, "Complete In Christ" taken from Colossians 2:1-10, Pastor Brian Brodersen encourages us that we can rest and rejoice...
12 Jul 2020
Christ in You
God doesn't see what we see when we look in the mirror. He sees us through His Son Jesus Christ. In his message titled, "Christ in You" taken from Colossians...
5 Jul 2020
Christ the Reconciler
In these times of division and strife in the world and in the church, may the reality of the reconciliation of Christ, available through the cross, be manifest in us....
28 Jun 2020
Christ Preeminent
When the preeminence of Christ is acknowledged, honored, submitted to, and displayed by the church, it gives hope to our broken world. In his message titled, "Christ Preeminent" taken from...
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