The Gospel of John


29 Jan 2023
The Holy Spirit and the Life of the Church
“And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever—the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because...
20 Nov 2022
The Spirit who leads us into Truth
Pastor Char teaches on the personal work of the Holy Spirit in each individual life from John 14. How the Spirit might lead us into the way of Jesus, who...
13 Nov 2022
The Crucified God
Pastor Char Brodersen continues through our Life in His Name series with a message entitled, "The Crucified God." In John 14, Jesus said of himself that he is the way,...
6 Nov 2022
A New Commandment
Pastor Brian Brodersen teaches from John 13, and we see that Jesus predicts his betrayal and yet reminds his disciples to take hold of a new commandment–the commandment to love...
30 Oct 2022
The Glory of God Seen at The Table
Pastor Richard Cimino reminds us from John 13 that when our love fails, Jesus' love remains. At the farthest reach of our failures, in the uttermost display of our weakness,...
23 Oct 2022
The Reason Christ the Light Has Come Into the World
Pastor John Hwang closes out John 12 with the final public address of Jesus. In this final address, Jesus sums up all he has said during his 3+ years and...
16 Oct 2022
We Would See Jesus
Pastor Brian poses the question: how are people today going to “see” Jesus? The short answer is, through us. Jesus answers the question in John 12 by telling us both...
9 Oct 2022
Following Jesus in His Suffering and Glory
Pastor Char Brodersen continues in the Gospel of John and asks the question: What does it look like to follow Jesus? Jesus is asking us to join in his humility,...
2 Oct 2022
How to Survive Criticism, Slander, and Being Misunderstood
Cheryl Brodersen reminds us from John 12 of the beautiful posture of Mary. Being met with criticism for her act of worship, Mary decided to keep her eyes on the...
25 Sep 2022
The Unwitting Prophetic Voice
Pastor Brian continues through the Gospel of John and reminds us that Jesus died to gather us from every nation and make us one. Let’s realize that and live that...
18 Sep 2022
I Am the Resurrection and the Life
Pastor Brian Brodersen continues through John 11. Jesus is declaring “I am the Resurrection and the Life,” answering the deepest questions and fears we all live with; questions and fears...
4 Sep 2022
Take Me to Your Tomb!
Cheryl Brodersen walks us through John 11, when Jesus reveals one of the greatest aspects of Himself to Martha—that He is the resurrection and the life. Martha's faith was centered...
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