Jesus in the House


17 Nov 2023
You Must Be Born Again!
Speaker: Cheryl Brodersen

You Must Be Born Again!: John 3:1-21

In this message, Cheryl Brodersen invites us to observe the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus, a Pharisee and teacher of the Jews....
3 Nov 2023
Mercy Matters: Matthew 9:9-13
November 3, 2023

Speaker: Cheryl Brodersen

Mercy Matters: Matthew 9:9-13

In this message, Cheryl Brodersen brought us into the home of Matthew the tax collector, and revealed the new identity and community that...
27 Oct 2023
The Look of Faith Luke 5:17-26
In this message, Cheryl Brodersen reveals the value and importance of committed faith. Our faith makes us stand out in a crowd! When Jesus was in the crowded house, the...
20 Oct 2023
Ministry in the House: Mark 1:29-34 and Luke 4:38-41
In this message, Angie Emma takes us through the scenes set in Simon Peter’s house, a stage set for a personal, physical healing, but also spiritual, city-wide healing! Like Simon...
13 Oct 2023
The Presentations of Jesus in His Father’s House: Luke 2:25-50
In this message, Robin Lewis delighted us with her perspective on the first and second prophetic witnesses to the Messiah—Simeon and Anna. They had a special call on their lives...
29 Sep 2023
Wise Men Worship: Matthew 2:1-12
In this message, Cheryl Brodersen led us through the short account of the wise men’s journey to find Jesus, and revealed how they were a beautiful example of true worship....
22 Sep 2023
Small Beginnings: Luke 2:1-20
Speaker: Cheryl Brodersen

In this message, Cheryl Brodersen brought us into the story of the very first house that Jesus entered—the humble stable. The birth of Jesus reminds us that God...
15 Sep 2023
Introduction to Jesus in the House
Speaker: Cheryl Brodersen

In this message, Cheryl Brodersen introduced us to the theme of this year's Bible study—Jesus in the House. She highlighted the picture of our hearts being a home...