The Fellowship of The Gospel


7 Jun 2020
Some Words to Remember from Philippians
Hiding God's Word in our hearts is the best thing we can do for ourselves and for others. In his message titled, "Some Words to Remember from Philippians" taken from...
31 May 2020
The Unabridged Gospel
The core of our racial crisis is spiritual and the church has to be the leader in fixing it. How do we start? By asking our black brothers and sisters...
17 May 2020
The Furtherance of the Gospel
Adverse circumstances actually advance rather than hinder the gospel. In his Fellowship of the Gospel message titled, "The Furtherance of the Gospel" taken from Philippians 1:12-14, Pastor Brian Brodersen shares...
10 May 2020
God Will Strengthen, God Will Supply
If Jesus had insisted  on His own rights, we would all have perished. In his Fellowship of the Gospel message titled,  "God Will Strengthen, God Will Supply" taken from Philippians...
3 May 2020
The Peace of God and the God of Peace
Through Christ, we can be the calmest, coolest, most level-headed people in the midst of this difficult and challenging season of life, all because we serve the God of peace...
26 Apr 2020
Citizens of Heaven
Here is great news for planet earth and the citizens of heaven; Jesus is coming again; and through His great power, everything will be brought under His control. Pastor Brian...
19 Apr 2020
Pressing Toward the Goal
If we are frustrated with our present circumstances, it is because we need a fresh realization that God is in control, and has allowed these things to happen. In his...
5 Apr 2020
That I May Know Him
In these times of anxiety and distress, God is setting us apart for a time to seek and know Him. In his Sunday morning online message titled, "That I May...
29 Mar 2020
Counting All Things Loss for Christ
Whether religious or not, everyone holds dearly, values highly, and trusts completely something to save them when life is said and done. In his Sunday morning message in Philippians 3:1-9...
8 Mar 2020
The Priority of the Gospel
We cannot improve on the life God has planned for us. When Jesus is center, He brings everything else into its proper place. In his Fellowship of the Gospel message...
1 Mar 2020
Spiritual Formation: Being Sanctified
In spiritually and morally dark times the seemingly smallest virtues, like not grumbling and arguing, can speak loudly to others. These virtues are a result of God's sanctifying work of salvation in...
23 Feb 2020
Thinking and Living Christian
Jesus won our hearts, not by blasting us with His power but by showing us a love we could not resist. Pastor Brian Brodersen, in his Fellowship of the Gospel message...
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