Best of 2021

CCCM presents the curated list of best studies taught in 2021.


15 Oct 2021
Enabling for Leadership
1 Timothy 1:12-20

God’s qualifications for leadership are so different than man’s. In this passage, we see how disqualified Paul was by human standards. But God is not looking for expertise,...
3 Oct 2021
The Way of Love
Pastor Jordan Taylor encourages us to ask these questions: “What are the needs of our church community? Who needs to be built up? Who needs to be served? Who needs...
26 Sep 2021
The Spirit-Filled Church
The Spirit moves forward the mission of Jesus through the followers of Jesus because the Spirit produces love. This is how we minister appropriately as a community! Pastor Char Brodersen...
22 Aug 2021
Heaven + Earth
Psalm 85 shares a picture of God's glory filling the earth, bringing life and renewal to all that is broken and defiled. Pastor Brian Brodersen and Pastor Char Brodersen share...
23 May 2021
How Can the Biblical Sexual Ethic Be Good for Everyone?
In his message entitled, “How Can the Biblical Sexual Ethic Be Good for Everyone?” Pastor Char Brodersen exhorts that the biblical sexual ethic does not refuse or bar people from...
21 Mar 2021
God Makes it Grow
In his study through 1 Corinthians 3:1–10, Pastor Brian Brodersen reminds us that if we are ever going to make any progress in the gospel, we need to remember that...
14 Feb 2021
Is Christ Divided?
Pastor Brian Brodersen continues our study series though 1 Corinthians with his message entitled, “Is Christ Divided?” We are reminded that even though Christians are divided over many things, Christ...