Joyful Life: Our Great Creator


8 May 2020
What Is A Blessing?
What is a blessing? It is making God known, bringing attention to Him, and revealing His nature, work, and purposes to others. In her Our Great Creator message titled, "What...
1 May 2020
The apostle Peter stated that all believers in Jesus are to consider themselves pilgrims and sojourners when it comes to life on earth. In her Our Great Creator message titled,...
24 Apr 2020
The Great Reveal
Why is it God only reveals His plans to us a little at a time? In her Our Great Creator message titled, "The Great Reveal" taken from Genesis 44-45, Cheryl...
3 Apr 2020
The Vantage Point of Deliverance
God is working in all the circumstances of our lives, even the darkest seasons. However from our vantage point we may think all things are conspiring against us. In her...
27 Mar 2020
Learning To Cultivate the Presence of God
We too often think God's presence is a divine exemption from trouble, tragedy, hard work, injustice, or captivity. But the good news is God's presence goes with us and brings...
20 Mar 2020
The Process of Sanctification
We were once identified by our sin, our past, our material connections, our weaknesses, and our failures. But by the special work of Christ, our new identity is based on...
6 Mar 2020
Back to Bethel
There is nothing like a fresh clean start. Like Jacob, we pick up spiritual grime while living in this world. And like Jacob, we need to return to Bethel where...
21 Feb 2020
The Way Forward
14 Feb 2020
A Tale of Two Sisters
7 Feb 2020
The Blessing
24 Jan 2020
Discerning the Will of God
17 Jan 2020
The Good Will of God
The longer we walk with the Lord the more we realize that life is not a series of random acts. The events of life are predetermined, purposeful, and potent. Cheryl...
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