The Mark Challenge


28 Aug 2020
He is Risen!
In our last discussion of the Book of Mark, we marveled at our risen Lord as He revealed Himself to his followers and disciples and gave them their final instructions....
21 Aug 2020
It Is Finished!
We discussed the trial of Jesus before the religious and Roman leaders that led to His crucifixion—the trial of darkness. We were again amazed at the dignity and humility of...
14 Aug 2020
Watch and Pray!
In this passage, Jesus continued to prepare His disciples for coming suffering with a call to watch and pray, and taught us as believers to watch and be ready for...
7 Aug 2020
Know the Word of God and His Power
The scribes and Pharisees get caught up in religious piety, but Jesus isn’t trapped by their questions. He wisely gets to the root of the problem: we will be deceived...
31 Jul 2020
Jesus: Man of Authority
Time and time again the authority of Jesus is challenged by the religious leaders. But each time, His wisdom and grace are seen through His words and actions. He taught...
24 Jul 2020
The Paradoxes of the Kingdom of God
The ways of God’s kingdom are often contrary to the ways of the world. This week we learned about God's heart for marriage, having faith like a child, seeking a...
17 Jul 2020
Eyewitnesses of His Majesty
Mark 9 As Jesus is transfigured before Peter, James, and John, we discover that Jesus is greater than Moses and Elijah. He continues to reveal His way to greatness that...
10 Jul 2020
Transforming Suffering into Glory
Mark 7:31-8:38

The miracles of Jesus continue as he touches those seeking after him and opens eyes and ears, physically and spiritually. Jesus satisfies the hungry multitudes, all while teaching his...
26 Jun 2020
Jesus's Presence Overcomes Every Deficit
In Mark 6:30-7:30, Jesus continues to show compassion on the people, and heal all who come to Him. We discuss Jesus walking on the water to meet the disciples in...
19 Jun 2020
Faith Over Fear
“Do you still have no faith?” That is the question Jesus asked His disciples as He met them, walking on the water, in the midst of their storm. How many...
12 Jun 2020
Understanding the Mysteries of God Through Parables
What is a parable? Why did Jesus use parables when He taught? In this message we discuss the first parable that Jesus used—the Parable of the Sower—and Jesus’s explanation of...
5 Jun 2020
The Lord of the Sabbath
The Pharisees sought to discredit Jesus for not following their religious traditions, but their actions revealed hard hearts. Jesus came, not to destroy the law, but to teach a new...
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