The Gospel of John


6 Mar 2022
The Joy of the Lord
What does it look like to be a follower of Jesus? The answer is simple. It’s one of joy! The gift of eternal life is not boring, passionless, or depressing....
27 Feb 2022
Being a Witness
Pastor Jordan Taylor exhorts that being a witness is the vital experience and role of the Christian life. A witness must first see and experience Jesus in order to testify...
20 Feb 2022
The Voice: The Testimony of John the Baptizer
There’s no nationality, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender that is excluded from Jesus, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. If we come to Him, we...
13 Feb 2022
God For All to See
Pastor Brian Brodersen exhorts that in every way, God knows what life is all about. He knows sorrow, suffering, and pain. He even knows death because He experienced it to...
6 Feb 2022
The True Light & the Children of God
The Gospel is the good news announcement that anyone and everyone who believes in Jesus will have a forever close and unbroken, living relationship with God. This is a promise...
30 Jan 2022
The Word Was God
“In the beginning was the Word.” Expounding on this opening verse of the Gospel of John, Pastor Brian reminds us that a word is a revelation made, a thought communicated,...
23 Jan 2022
The Prologue
In the first study of our new series through the Gospel of John, “Life in His Name,” Pastor Char reminds us that Jesus Himself is the very Word of God...
16 Jan 2022
Life in His Name
On Vision Sunday, our CCCM teaching team, including Brian Brodersen, Char Brodersen, and Jordan Taylor, talk about the inspiration for our new series through the Gospel of John, “Life in...
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