The Gospel of John


21 Aug 2022
God Is Concerned With How Leaders Lead
Pastor Jordan Taylor continues through John chapter 10, with a message that reminds us we are sheep first before we ever lead or guide others. Do you ever have opportunities...
14 Aug 2022
I Am the Good Shepherd
Pastor Brian Brodersen continues through our series, “Life in His Name,” with a message entitled, “I Am the Good Shepherd.” In John 10:1–21, we read of sheep who are in...
7 Aug 2022
I Was Blind, Now I See
In our series, “Life in His Name,” Pastor Brian Brodersen teaches a message entitled, “I Was Blind, Now I See.”

In John 9:1–12, we read a story that displays how petty...
31 Jul 2022
Before Abraham Was, I Am
Pastor John Hwang continues through our series, "Life in His Name," with a message entitled, “Before Abraham Was, I AM!” Jesus’ words matter to His disciples. His words nourish, teach,...
24 Jul 2022
The Light of the World
Pastor Brian teaches from John 8 and reminds us that whether we recognize it or not, the world is dark, both spiritually and morally. But the good news is that...
17 Jul 2022
Jesus and the Adulteress Woman
Pastor Char teaches about the story of the woman caught in adultery, revealing to us that Jesus does not offer condemnation, but grace and compassion to those who are caught...
10 Jul 2022
No One Ever Spoke Like This Man
Truer words were never spoken. For since the beginning of time right up to this very day, no one has spoken like Jesus. Pastor Brian prompts us to consider carefully...
3 Jul 2022
Healing Water from God's Presence
Pastor Char Brodersen prompts us to remember that God Himself is the source of life and Spirit. God is good because He gives His Spirit freely to those who want...
19 Jun 2022
You Alone Have the Words of Deep Lasting Life
Pastor Char Brodersen reminds us there's a nuance of believing and trusting in Jesus. Genuine faith invokes a lot of questions, doubts, and struggles. There is a wrestling that comes...
12 Jun 2022
Satiated by the Son of God
Pastor Brian Brodersen reminds us that Jesus wants serious followers, those who are committed to feeding on Him, whose entire lives revolve around Him. What does feeding on Jesus mean? It...
5 Jun 2022
I Am the Bread of Life
In John 6:22–40, we see the first "I AM" statement, when Jesus declares, "I am the bread of life." Pastor Brian reminds us that all people have a void in...
29 May 2022
Human Need and Divine Life
As Pastor Jordan Taylor continues to walk us through the Gospel of John, we read two stories about Jesus—a God who sees human need, cares, and comes to the rescue....
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