The Habakkuk Challenge, Lesson 1

Cheryl Brodersen, Angie Emma
May 14, 2021

Habakkuk 1 Have you ever looked at your circumstances or the things going on in the world and asked the Lord, "Why are You allowing this? Why are You doing things this way?" These are the questions that the prophet Habakkuk asked as well in this first chapter of Habakkuk. Yet as Habakkuk honestly wrestled with the Lord concerning His astounding and unexpected ways, the prophet began to realize that sometimes God's answer to the question "Why?" is not an explanation, but a revelation of who He is. Like Habakkuk, we can come before the Lord with our honest questions and doubts, knowing that when He gives us a bigger vision of who He is, we will have the perspective we need to be like Habakkuk and embrace His ways!