Vision 2021 Series


25 Aug 2021
A Vision for Prayer
Persistence in prayer ignites a passion in us for the purposes of God to be fulfilled. Kory Gaviria shares his Vision for Life message from Luke 11:1–13 on prayer. 
22 Aug 2021
Heaven + Earth
Psalm 85 shares a picture of God's glory filling the earth, bringing life and renewal to all that is broken and defiled. Pastor Brian Brodersen and Pastor Char Brodersen share...
18 Aug 2021
Our Helper
Pastor Julian Duguid shares his Vision for Life message entitled, “Our Helper.” We are reminded that we can use the book of Acts to navigate God’s purposes for us through...
11 Aug 2021
The Kingdom Manifesto
Pastor George Scanlan shares his Vision for Life message entitled, "The Kingdom Manifesto and the Kingdom Manifested." Jesus' sermon on the mount was his manifesto for what kingdom life should...
4 Aug 2021
Life Together and Practices of the Early Church
Pastor Brian Griffin walks us through Acts 2:42-47 with his message, “Life Together and Practices of the Early Church.” He exhorts us that we need community, and we need to...
28 Jul 2021
Blessings of Brokenness
Pastor Craig Coffin takes us through Psalm 51 with his message, “Blessings of Brokenness.” Jesus was continually teaching His disciples lessons; sometimes they caught them and sometimes they didn’t. Craig...
21 Jul 2021
His Workmanship
Pastor Lance Emma takes us through Ephesians 2:1-10, exhorting us that we are His, and we are His workmanship, His creation. He’s created us for good works beforehand that we...
14 Jul 2021
Participating in Our Transformation (Part 2)
Pastor Char Brodersen leads us on how we are to participate in our own sanctification, but as a community. As we read through Romans 12:1-11, he depicts how our lives...
7 Jul 2021
Participating in Our Transformation (Part 1)
Pastor Char Brodersen walks us through Romans 12:1-2, drawing a picture of how to get a vision for Transformative Renewal, or what he likes to refer to as “Participating in...
26 May 2021
Becoming a Prophetic People
Pastor Kellen Criswell walks us through 1 Corinthians 14:1, reminding us that God is on a mission to renew all things through Jesus, and we get to help. He exhorts...
19 May 2021
A Vision for Our Singing
Pastor Scott Cunningham continues with our Vision for Life series with his message, “A Vision for Our Singing.” We are reminded that when we sing, we are joining with the...
12 May 2021
The Greater Glory to Come
Pastor Brian exhorts us through Haggai 2:1-9 with his message, “The Greater Glory to Come.” He draws the picture of the world as its been the last year, how so...
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