The Spirit, The Church, and The World

Sunday morning services meet at 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. in the Main Sanctuary.


21 Jan 2018
The First Christian Martyr
It is a fact in history that persecution and martyrdom have done more to advance the gospel than to stop its progress. In his message titled "The First Christian Martyr"...
14 Jan 2018
Serving in Your Calling
All believers have gifts God will use in service to Him. But first He must work on our character. In his message titled "Serving in Your Calling" taken from Acts...
10 Dec 2017
The Unstoppable Good News of Jesus Christ
If we, as God's people, personally and collectively center our lives on Jesus, God's work in us and through us will be unstoppable. Pastor Brian Brodersen in his message titled,...
3 Dec 2017
Purity & Power
We are living in wicked times, but our primary concern should not be the wickedness in the world, but rather the sin and unrighteousness in our hearts and in the...
26 Nov 2017
The Sovereign Lord and the Threats of Men
Come life or death, the apostles knew that God was in control - they had nothing to fear. Pastor Brian Brodersen in his message titled, "The Sovereign Lord and the...
19 Nov 2017
The People God Uses
God makes it a practice of using ordinary people; then add to that, the overwhelming joy of being used by God! In his message titled, "The People God Uses" taken...
12 Nov 2017
No Other Name
If Jesus didn’t rise, His dejected followers would have gone back to what they were before. They would never have left family, homes, businesses or ultimately given their lives for...
5 Nov 2017
Wonders, Signs, and the Gospel
Miracles are so intertwined with the Bible and the story of Jesus and His church that, apart from the miraculous, you can have no real Christianity. Pastor Brian Brodersen, in his...
29 Oct 2017
Jesus People
Jesus people long to tell the Jesus story, live the Jesus lifestyle, remember the Jesus sacrifice and exercise the Jesus privilege of prayer. In his message titled, "The Jesus People,"...
22 Oct 2017
The Church in the Beginning
Word of mouth is the most effective way to spread the Gospel. As we share with others like the early church did in Acts 2:42-47, people get saved, and the...
15 Oct 2017
The Leading of the Spirit in Evangelism
Guest Speaker, Pastor Joel Turner
Don't wait for the right opportunity to share the gospel - take the next opportunity. Pastor Joel Turner wonderfully exhorted us to allow the Holy Spirit...
8 Oct 2017
Pentecost: The Harvest Begins
The Spirit of God works in unison with the Word of God. Just one sentence can break down walls of resistance. Pastor Brian Brodersen continues in his message titled, "Pentecost:...
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