Jesus Christ - Son of God - Savior

Pastor Brian Brodersen taught a series of studies in the book of Mark entitled, "Jesus Christ - Son of God - Savior."



24 Nov 2019
The Great Commission
The Gospel is Christ’s victory over sin and death through the Cross and Resurrection. Those who believe this Good News have their sins forgiven, are reconciled to God, and given...
17 Nov 2019
The Resurrection
A dead Savior is no Savior. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, we would not have a reason to believe His death was the sacrifice for our sins....
10 Nov 2019
The Cry of Dereliction
Don't settle for religion. Don't settle for church. Don't settle for trying to be a better person. Come and know the One who made you, loves you, and died for...
3 Nov 2019
The Crucifixion of Christ
Lonely, twisted, and tortured, our suffering Savior laid aside His immunity to pain, to enter our world of flesh, blood, tears, and death. Not only did He suffer for us,...
27 Oct 2019
A Parable of the Gospel
The story of Jesus and Barabbas is a parable of the Gospel: A living illustration of the innocent dying in place of the guilty, the just for the unjust. In...
13 Oct 2019
In The Beginning
Life of all kinds is pushing a question in our hearts. Where does life come from? In his message titled, “In the Beginning” John Lennox takes a deeper look into...
6 Oct 2019
The Sifting of Peter
In his message titled, "The Sifting of Peter", Pastor Brian talks of the temptation of sin, and how each of us are targeted by the enemy. The Bible tells us...
29 Sep 2019
The Son of Man
Prophecy is built-in evidence that the Bible is not the words of man, but is indeed the words of God. In his message titled, "The Son of Man" taken from...
22 Sep 2019
Gethsemane, meaning the place of the olive press, was where Jesus was pressed beyond human comprehension. It is here that He came face to face with the judgment He would...
15 Sep 2019
The Last Supper
Jesus, the God of Creation, the God of Calvary, and the empty tomb, longs for us to hear His voice. Pastor Brian Brodersen in his message titled "The Last Supper"...
8 Sep 2019
Worship: A Beautiful Thing
Mary is our mentor. She chose the one thing that was needed, and that was adoring and meditating on Jesus. In his message titled, "Worship: A Beautiful Thing" taken from...
1 Sep 2019
Christ Coming in Glory
We do know Jesus is coming, but no one knows when. What are we to do while we wait? Pastor Brian Brodersen in his message title, "The Coming of Christ in...
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