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Our vision is to provide holistic gospel care for our congregation and the community. We accomplish this through pastoral, specialized (referral), and community care.


Visit our Resources page for organizations/individuals that have applied and have been approved as CCCM Mental Health Providers. 


Mental Health Trainings 

On August 21, 2019 and August 25, 2019, CCCM underwent a church-wide mental health ministry training facilitated by Center for Individual & Family Therapy (CIFT).


Led by Director of Clinical Training, Dr. Kevin Van Lant and Executive Director, Rob Fisher, we collectively grew in our awareness of the particular challenges faced by those that suffer from mental illness and the paralyzing stigma (that should be confronted and eliminated) they face.


Three sessions were conducted in the following categories:


Training 1 (Pastors & Elders)

Training 2 ( Ministry leaders & Educators)

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Training 3 ( Community)




Brian Griffin
Pastoral Support
Brian, born & raised in Southern California. Is married with two daughters & has been attending Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, since 2011. He began serving at Calvary Costa Mesa in 2016, leading a Community Life Group in Huntington Beach and came on staff in 2019. 



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