High School Ministry


CCCM High School Ministry is a place where any and all high school students are welcome. We believe that we have been called out for Jesus; to be used by Him and live by His word. 



How We Meet FOR NOW:

Sunday: Gathering in Zone D2 on Sunday Mornings. Reserve your space here and join us at 8:30 AM & 11 AM. 
Wednesday: Wednesday Service at 7 PM outside of the Charis Sanctuary starting July 1. Check out our resources tab for more information!  


When We USUALLY Meet:    


8:30 AM Breakfast Club  & 11 AM regular service in the Charis Sanctuary.   



6:30 PM in the Charis Sanctuary





We would love for you to help us serve! See which area suits you best and just let us know. 




Have a heart for music and a desire to lead in worship? Check out our worship ministry. Remember, worship is not just defined as what you bring to the band, but the heart behind your role. 



Production is looking for individuals with a heart to serve as production entails a lot of detail as it covers: sound, lighting, video, words, recording and anything that helps the service run smoothly.



Prayer is essential for what we do in High School Ministry. If you have a heart for prayer, please consider coming alongside the ministry. 



We are the church, and church is community. Our heart is that all feel welcome when walking into our doors. Join hospitality & help us develop a deeper networking of fellowship and connectivity. 



If you have any interest in serving or have any questions at all email us at hsm@cccm.com


SzlobodaAaron 1
Aaron Szloboda
High School Ministry Pastor
I am really fun, have two kids, one wife (duh), and am dubbed HRH by my beloved subjects. 
Sofiah McKeown
Girls' Lead
Sofiah spent all of her years attending Calvary Costa Mesa for both school and church. She has traveled far and wide to both Europe and Dominican Republic on mission through CCCM before joining on staff at the church. She loves spending time with the girls and encouraging them to try new things! 
Tami McKeown
Tami has attended CCCM for most of her life. She went to school here as a child, has graduated four children out of CCHS and two from School of Worship. She loves traveling far and wide for the sake of the gospel, and makes it her goal to serve and provide guidance to our girls in all the best ways. She loves working with High school aged students. 
Sophia Cornelius
I’ve been serving with the CCCM high school ministry for the past three years, and let me just say that I have been absolutely loving it! As a CCHS alumni, it has been such a blessing to be back on Calvary Chapel grounds serving and growing with high school students who are going through the same eb and flows of life I once experienced. I look forward to all Christ has planned for this ministry, and my goal is to walk this path alongside Jesus as well as the amazing young men and women who are apart of CCCM high school ministry.
Emily Cornelius
 I graduated in 2018 from CCHS and attended CCCM since kindergarten. God has given and blessed me with a special privilege of being a part of this ministry, to serve and love some very special, kind hearted, inspiring, and crazy high schoolers, and I thank Him forever for that. My goal is to bring a smile to others along with serving and love on them as well! I have a passion for missions and have a special place in my heart for Central and South American countries (especially El Salvador), but always am listening to where the Lord is calling me to go, or stay.
Joey Panella
I help coordinate the most extraordinary games any high schooler has ever seen. I am the small group leader for the senior boys at out church. I believe that staying focused and maintaining a mature relationship in Christ is the most important foundation that can be built in high school and be carried on for the rest of ones life! I am an alumni of CCHS and returned to HSM after serving in the military and feeling the need to build the youth of today's day and age in Christ. 
Dominic Gonzales
In 2008, I was a sophomore at Calvary Chapel High School when I accepted Jesus into my life. During that sophomore year I went on a mission’s trip to El Salvador with a group of students from my school. This trip changed my life. I encountered Jesus in a real way and I was able to experience God’s word in a powerful way. During that trip I was baptized and I came home as a different person. Since graduating high school, I have been serving at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Since I love working with children, I began serving in children’s ministry, then that led me to high school ministry which is where I am currently serving. Serving is something I love and feel called to do. 


Email: hsm@cccm.com

Address: 3800 S Fairview St
​Santa Ana, CA
HSM Office adjacent the Fellowship Hall

Phone: (714) 979-4422

Extension: 2499