Persian Ministry


We are small group of Ex-Muslims who love the Lord and His people. We gather every Sunday to worship Jesus, Learn His Word and how to apply them in our lives and be sweet witnesses for Him in the community. 


Our Sunday Service starts at 4:00 pm in Room J105. Our Service is in Farsi.


We have Farsi Bibles (Persian) and Worship CD's in Farsi.


ما گروه کوچکی هستیم که سابقا مسلمان بودیم و خداوند و مردمانش را دوست داریم . ما هر یکشنبه  جمع میشویم تا عیسی را پرستش کنیم , کلامش و کاربرد آنها را در زندگیمان بیاموزیم  و شاهدان شیرین  برای او در اجتماع باشیم .     



37در روز آخر که روز بزرگ عید بود، عیسی ایستاد و به بانگ بلند ندا در داد: «هر که تشنه است، نزد من آید و بنوشد. 38هر که به من ایمان آوَرَد، همان‌گونه که کتاب می‌گوید، از بطن او نهرهای آب زنده روان خواهد شد.»




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Brian Adel
Brian was born and raised as a Muslim in Iran. In 1997, after hearing and reading the Gospel, he was able to see the truth and became a believer in Jesus Christ. He graduated from the School of Ministry in 2004. Ever since he and his wife Jilla have been joyfully serving the Lord. 



Phone: (949) 709-8747