Veteran & Military Conference: Battle Scarred

November 12, 2022
Veterans Ministry

“Battle Scarred”: Veterans and Military Conference is a one-day event set to provide veterans and current service members and spouses with a day of insightful speakers, encouraging Scripture teachings, and riveting stories all wrapped in genuine love. Offering resources, support, and authentic community to bring encouragement and healing as they embrace their identity and worth in Christ.


The conference will be focused on providing veterans with immediate help. Our desire is to not just provide information to the veterans but to show them the love of Jesus through action, that they are seen, heard, and loved. We will be partnering with local agencies to assist with veteran housing, counseling, and jobs on-site at the conference.



Healing in Jesus

 Some wounds may seem too impossible to recover from feel beyond healing, and yet Jesus is the ultimate healer who desires to make us whole.


Dealing with PTSD

Serving in the military and being a part of war causes many scars both externally and internally. PTSD is real and affects many, yet it is something that can be dealt with and does not determine your worth.


Struggling with Faith through Tragedy

Life presents many hardships and difficulties that lead to the questioning of faith. The reality is It’s okay, not to be okay. But the important thing is we don’t stay there. Ask the hard questions, walk through the difficulties and call upon God, you are not alone.


Valued in Christ

Despite the brokenness and hardships that many face, each are still valued and treasured by God.


If any of these topics would be valuable to you, a family member, or a friend who has served or are serving as a current service member we encourage you to register today. 

Saturday, November 12, 2022
8:00 AM

Registered attendees check-in

Coffee + Breakfast

Enjoy coffee and refreshments!

9:00 AM
Session 1

Welcome, Worship + A Message

Speaker: Jimmy Orate

Pastor Jimmy Orate, Vietnam Army Veteran

10:30 AM
Session 2

Speaker, Resources, + Care Packages

Operation Creakside

Operation Creekside Information and Invitation

Care Packages

Pack care packages for deployed troops.

Speaker: Stephen Brown

CH (LCRD) Stephen Brown (Active-Duty Navy Chaplain)

12:00 PM
Lunch Break

Lunch Provided 

Networking Opportunities

Packing Care Packages, Counseling Opportunities, + Resource Vendors

1:30 PM
Session 3

Speakers + Worship

Speakers: Jeff Wilson + Brian Andrews

Jeff Wilson and Brian Andrews, Navy Veterans, + Authors

4:00 PM

Resources will be available from a variety of vendors throughout the day. Make sure you visit our Resource Vendor area before end of day. 

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
Main Sanctuary
3800 S. Fairview St.
Santa Ana, CA 92704