The Gathering

21 Sep - 7 Dec 2022
CCCM Teams

The Gathering is an expansion of our weekly Wednesday gathering to provide courses for everyday discipleship. These courses have been designed to deepen your knowledge of God's Word, provide an opportunity for personal discipleship, and fulfill our vision of being a Jesus-formed community on mission. 


Kids' Church is available through the registration form below. Youth ministries will continue gathering on a weekly basis, and registration is open for our fall session of courses. These courses will complement our Sunday formational gatherings and our community-based gatherings throughout the week on our campus and in our community.


Course Dates

9/79/14: Course Registration (No Gathering during these weeks on campus) 
9/21: Launch + Course Orientation
9/2810/19: First four-week term  
10/2611/2: Two-week break
11/912/7: Second four-week term, with a break on 11/23 for Thanksgiving

The terms of courses will follow the rhythms of a school calendar and will be punctuated with times of corporate worship, formational teaching nights, and breaks for holidays, with the opportunity to register for new courses three times annually.


Course Offerings

Eight-Week Courses
Terms A + B (9/2112/7)

- Crown Biblical Financial Study by Ben Lozano
- Formation by Char Brodersen + Jordan Taylor
- Foundations by John Hwang
- An Invitation to the Biblical Languages by Gary Lyles
- Spiritual Parenting by Craig Coffin

Four-Week Courses 
Term A (9/2110/19)
- Words Every Christian Needs to Know by Brian + Cheryl Brodersen

Term B (11/912/7)
- Philippians Bible Study by Shaun Havelaar


Course Descriptions
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
6:30 PM

Meet your instructor, find your classroom, and pick up any resources you may want or need! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2022
6:30 PM
Spiritual Parenting by Craig Coffin

Parenting is among the most important privileges and duties we have in this life. In this course, parents will be empowered to be the primary nurturers for their children's faith and taught how to create a home environment that is centered on Christ. Families will be transformed as students learn how to create space for God-encounters in everyday life. 

An Invitation to the Biblical Languages by Gary Lyles

The biblical languages are not mysteries meant for a select few but are accessible to anyone interested in learning them. An Invitation to the Biblical Languages introduces Greek and Hebrew, giving an overview of the biblical languages and how they work. We will explore options for further study in an academic environment, or for those more motivated to self-directed studies, while highlighting various helpful resources. This course will invite students to a more insightful study of God's Word through the biblical languages.  

Crown Biblical Financial Study by Ben Lozano*

As Christians, all areas of our lives should be submitted to the Lordship of Christ, and that includes our finances. This course will cover the meaning of biblical stewardship, which not only involves the proper use of money but of all the gifts and resources that God has blessed us with. Students can expect to develop high-trust relationships, draw closer to Jesus, and be given practical guidelines and tools for putting their finances in order and achieving lives of meaning and purpose. 


*This course has a $50 resource fee (including tax). 

Foundations by John Hwang

The Christian faith is built on several key foundational doctrines and practices. This course covers those basics that every disciple should know and build their spiritual lives on. The first half of the course includes core beliefs about the Bible, the Trinity, the gospel, and the church. The second half is focused on the foundational practices of the sacraments, growth, grace, and spiritual warfare. Students will finish the course with a firm grasp on the most important aspects of the Christian life.

Formation by Char Brodersen + Jordan Taylor

All believers share a common calling to follow in the way of Jesus and become more like Him. In the Formation class, we will explore our identity in Christ and how that flows into a pattern of practices that help us walk more and more in step with our Savior.

Words Every Christian Needs to Know by Brian + Cheryl Brodersen (Term A)

The Bible presents the reader with a new vocabulary. Words that we don’t commonly use like justification, sanctification, redemption, and reconciliation are found all over the Bible, and their meanings are essential to a full understanding of our faith. In this class, we will look at twenty words that have revolutionized the world and will revolutionize your life as well.   

Courses Start!
Wednesday, November 9, 2022
6:30 PM
Philippians Bible Study by Shaun Havelaar (Term B)

Philippians is a letter of friendship and encouragement from Paul. Through this course, we will read, study, and discuss this personal letter. Looking at the original context of this as a missionary letter, we will consider how God speaks to us in our time and our relationships and dive into themes of joy, humility, and contentment and how they apply to us today.